TRANSFORM YOURSELF through TRANSFORMING experience of a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate)

per ITALIANO qui

And finally my first PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) is arrived. I am in Paraiso Tipu Tipu a Permaculture project in the South of Portugal, carried out with care by Candida and Christine, his mother, with the support of the whole family. The PDC is made by the institute of Permaculture Na ‘Lu’um.

“You are about to start a journey from which you can not go back” they said on the first day of PDC. And actually it was like that.
The experience was intense and unexpected, I was thinking of going to learn drawing techniques, green building, soil regeneration, cultivation …. this has actually happened, but in the meantime I found myself completely moved in the deep, dragged by personal work (reengineering of being) and social (social permaculture).
An intense journey of 10 days and 10 nights without stopping that enriched me, lightened, challenged, amused, re-aligned and that, more than a month later, still continues in its transformation process.

I share here some unpretentious clips, just to remember ..
Thanks to those who were there.
Thank you all.
A journey without return. That’s right.
——————– x x

Getting ready for the PDC
Here we are preparing the space to welcome the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate), which will begin on 10 September 2018, in a few days.
We need to prepare the place to accommodate everyone.
We need to finish the compost toilet and build the showers.
And here we are at work.

Language: Spanish

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