CHANGEMENT (eng) History Through Guineans’ Eyes

Documentary, 72 min
by Chiara Cavallazzi


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What’s happening in Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, Lybia, Bahrain, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire…?  Guinea has experienced these same events in 2007, but Its story has been burked, isolated between an army which has always been close to the regime and the complicit indifference of both the Media and the International  Community.
From the biggest revolt of the Guinean population against the military regime in 2007, through the military Coup d’Etat in 2008, to the first “democratic” elections in the Country in 2010.
Four years of big changes and fights, watched from inside the Country to  show reality as lived by the Guineans and to compare it to the news gave by the Media and the International  Community’s interventions.


NOTE: 100% self-produced and realized despite the awards received, more that 30 international screenings, and the interest of African and Europeans Universities/ Cultural Centers that wanted the movie for their libraries and lessons, this documentary didn’t find any broadcast media interested in screening it.

PRESS REVIEW (…) a visual composition seen strictly from the Guinean point of view, edited à la Butch Morris, in a dissonant harmony, with a free-jazz of split screens and overlays, composed by the editing of precise (and often dreadful) stock footage about slaughters (the 40 protesters killed in January 2007, the ones killed in 2009) and on-the-road interviews to the wealthy and politically informed civil society (students, doctors, kids, politicians, lawyers, housewives, people passing by, poor tradesmen), as well as to the militants: Saran Daraba Kaba and Thiermo Sow (human rights), Rabiatou Serah Diallo (unionist). An amazing “protesting” collective, playful and daring despite all the sufferings, which is the other glorious mystery of a tameless Continent. (…)”  Roberto Silvestri – Film critic (“Il Manifesto” – September 21, 2010 – Italy)

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Original title
  CHANGEMENT l’Histoire a Travers les Yeux de Guinéens’
Produced Directed Shot Edited by Chiara Cavallazzi
Year of Production 2010
Country of Production
Running Time 72′ – 52′
Language French
Subtitle English or Italian
Format Mixed formats, most is HDV
Original Music Francesco Bonalume, Leonardo Trincabelli, Roberto Zanisi
Audio Mix Matteo Ancarani – Effettonote
Color Correction – Graphic Andres Ramirez – AP Film
Recording Hang Instrument Maria di Pace – Estartres
English Translation Davide Ianni

AWARDS – special MENTIONS: AFRICA MOVIE ACADEMY AWARDS Nominated as “Best Diaspora Documentary” (2011-Yenagoa, NIGERIA) BLACK INTERNATIONAL CINEMA “Best Film/Video documentary production” (2011-Berlin, GERMANY) – ACCOLADE COMPETITION Winner “Award of Merit”  (2010-La Jolla, California,USA) – FESTIVAL DE CINE DE GRANADA Special Mention “Very well edited and well told the story of Guinea” (2011–Granada, SPAIN)
FESTIVALS Screenings USA Pan African Film & Arts Fest (Los Angeles, CA) – Silent River Film Fest (Irvine, CA) –  Africa World Documentary Film Fest (University of Missouri)  – FRANCE  International Panafrican Film Festival (Cannes) – ITALY  Milano: Film Fest MFF – Festival del cinema Africano, d’Asia e di America Latina – SguardiAltrove – Sulmonacinema Film Fest (Sulmona, L’Aquila )- Levante Film Fest Fest (Bari) – Medea, A Film for Peace Fest   – GERMANY  Hamburg Independent Film Fest RADAR (Hamburg) – Black International Cinema (Berlin) – NIGERIA  Africa International Film Fest AFRIFF  (Port Harcourt ) – UKRAINE  International Rights Film Fest STEPS (Kharkov) – SOUTH AFRICA Cape Winelands Film Fest (Cape Town) – BELGIUM Afrika Filmfest (Leuven) – HUNGARY  3aFest (Budapest) – ETHIOPIA Addis International Film Festival (Addis Ababa)
UNIVERSITIES AND OTHER SCREENINGS SWEDEN 4th European Conference on African Studies (The Nordic Africa Institut, Uppsala) – NETHERLANDS African Studies Centre Library, Documentation and Information (Leiden) – DENMARK Centre of African Studies Koebmagergade (University of Copenhagen)– SWITZERLAND Institute of Social Anthropology (University of Basel) – PoleSud, Cultural Associations (Lausanne) – GERMANY   W3 International Workshop on Culture and Politics (Hamburg) – ITALY “Africa” African culture meeting (Massa Carrara) – Together, without distinctions Cultural Associations’ events  (Montereale)