REVOLUTION in REVERSE Debt & Work The New Colonialism

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DEBT & WORK: the New Colonialism
(Long Documentary – 72min)



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A deep and innovative analysis of the current worldwide crisis and revolts built with alternating materials from the ground and intellectual reflections.
Anthropologist David Graeber guides us a profound analysis of the financial systems, current crisis and upheavals in the world. Taking as starting point the tireless Occupy Wall Street movement in New York, the documentary uses reflections of Graeber and other experts to trace the current US general situation and the controversial aspects of society such as work, debt and privacy.
By protests in Egypt, Italy, Guinea, Spain and the US, with an editing that alternate materials from the ground and intellectual reflections, we are led to reflect on the history of the debt, the riots and, above all, the financial control system. And we discover that the speech about the Global South debt made by Thomas Sankara (President of Burkina Faso 1983/1987, Pan-Africanist theorist, charismatic figure of revolution) in 1987, seems to be referred to Western World‘s current financial system: Debt as the New Colonialism


Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Pan African Film Festival – Los Angeles, USA
A Film For Peace – Italy
Milford Cinema – Milford, USA
HofFestSpiele -Berlin, Germany
Black International Festival – Berlin, Germany

A short video about the first 2 projections of “REVOLUTION in REVERSE  ep1″ at the
Festival do Rio (Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival )


Original title
 REVOLUTION in REVERSE – Debt & Work: The New Colonialism
Genre Documentary  Year of production 2014   Country of Production Italy Duration  70′ Filming locations  USA – Italy – Guinea Conakry – Spain – Egypt Language mostly English also Italian French Spanish Subtitle Italian English Portuguese Distribution

Produced Directed Shot Edited by Chiara Cavallazzi
Original Sound Track   “Commie” by EON
…………………………  “Dis-armonico” by Piermarco Lunghi/Luca Scotti
Sound tracks   “Once Again” by HangMassive
………………..  “Silbra” by Leonardo Trincabelli
………………..   “Improvisation” by Edoardo Striani
…………………   “Introspection” by Rafael Sotomayor, TheArtOfFusion
Sound Mixer Valerio Palermo
Alternate Post Production Assistants Andrea Rovelli, Maria Grazia “Meg” Belvedere, Angelo Imbriano
Subtitle Italian, English, Portuguese
Crew Chef (organic, natural, vegetarian food) Chef Eric Smith  
Picture/Videos from Egypt by courtesy of Bruno Zanzottera
Videos from Spain by courtesy of Michele Sforza
Picture of Occupy London
by courtesy of Conskeptical

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