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REVOLUTION in REVERSE is both a global project and a diary of the experience I’ve done in my last years around the world, that shown me the same events watched from different perspectives and that, thanks to the help of dozen of voice, allowed me to collect details of small realities and  find their place inside the wide global mosaic.
This project is also is the natural continuation of my previous long documentary: “CHANGEMENT: History Through Guineans’ Eyes” ( http://www.videoj.org) that follows 4 years of the socio-political history of Guinea’s Republic starting from the biggest revolt of the population against the military regime in 2007 . The whole experience pointed out that, despite the first impressions, there were many cultural/social/political similarities between my Country (Italy) with one of the poorest Country in the world, and also that there were many connections between the high standard of life of certain societies, and the daily problems of the guineans population. That left me with the conviction that, to obtain the change that guineans wished, it was necessary a deep change at the heart of the global system.
But how to change it? In which direction? With which actions?
To find a possible reply to these questions, in 2012 I went in New York to meet the anthropologist activist David Graeber and to experience firsthand the direct democracy practiced by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The project, that at the beginning wanted to be only about the direct democracy issue, became bigger and bigger meanwhile I added new connections to the others yet created in my past.
At one point, for me it was like if every new voice I was hearing, was part of a global single voice, that was telling me the same history from different part of the world and in different historical periods …. And I started to put together the common points…
That’s how the project crossed the US borders and took an international shape that makes different cultures talk together and collect details of small realities to insert them in the wide global mosaic.

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